ManageEngine ServiceDeskPlus MSP: Change Starting Request ID (Postgres)

The procedure to change the request ID for ServiceDeskPlus MSP product (v10.5 and later) is outlined below.

Navigate to the location of ServiceDeskPlus MSP installation and change into the pgsql\bin directory in a command prompt.

C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\pgsql\bin> psql -U sdpadmin -p 65432 -d servicedesk -h 

Enter the password sdp@123

Queries for the respective modules:


insert into workorder(workorderid,requesterid,createdtime,respondedtime,duebytime,completedtime,timespentonreq,isparent,is_catalog_template,fr_duetime,haschange,hascausedbychange,hasproblem,surveystatus,hasdraft,resolvedtime) values (3000,1,0,0,0,0,0,true,false,0,false,false,false,0,false,0); 


insert into problem (problemid,title,reportedtime,updatedtime,duebytime,closedtime,isread,notespresent) values(3000,’title’,0,0,0,0,false,false); 


insert into changedetails (changeid,title,createdtime,scheduledstarttime,scheduledendtime,completedtime,notespresent) values(3000,’title’,0,0,0,0,false); 

Use \q to exit postgresql commandline and restart the ServiceDeskPlus MSP service. On Windows this is servicedeskmsp.

Try creating a new ticket to check the ID series.

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