Hey there, I’m Rich Kreider!

Techish.net has been my online presence since November 23, 2006.

Father, geek, caffeine addict, IT guy, photographer and after-hours hacker…


I have three beautiful daughters that are my world.


I’m not so much a gadget-y type of geek; I’m more of a software/service geek — IoT is something that really interests me, automation (autonomous vehicles) and so on.  USB gadgets are cute, but not really my thing.  I also have never seen Star Wars, but I did get into the Starship Enterprise stuff a decade ago.

Caffeine Addict

This is pretty self explanatory.  I mean, I love coffee.  Who doesn’t?!

IT Guy

I am a jack-of-all trades network technician and system administrator with consulting experience. I am passionate about technology which is what fuels my ambition for digging into the details to solve complex problems. I have an expert level understanding of technology fundamentals and proven experience in various industries including healthcare and manufacturing.


I own and operate a pet photography business that serves clients in NW Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  When not focused on pets, I enjoy shooting landscape, street, architecture, lifestyle and dabble in portraiture and boudoir.  I’m a Canon guy for my commissioned work, but have been switching over to Fuji X system (X-T2) and will be exclusively Fuji by the end of 2018.

After-hours Hacker…

This is my favorite thing to do late at night.  Hack on code, experiment with technologies, write programs, explore security concepts, and do some hardware hacking.