Development Log: Duplicate File Finder

I have thousands of files stored on an external USB attached 1TB drive.  My drive is currently 95% full.  I know I have duplicate files throughout the drive because over time I have been lazy and made backups of backups (or copies of copies) of images or other documents. Time to clean house. I've searched online for a tool to do the following … [Read more...]

MAC Address Lookup

Spent a little time at lunch today creating a MAC lookup tool for my site. There is now a new menu, Tools, which will have some of the online tools I setup over time. I use perl script to parse the IEEE oui.txt file and dump it into an SQlite3 database. From there I wrote some PHP to query that database. You can visit and … [Read more...]

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Sample Questions

I took the following sample questions and got 60% correct. I feel stupid now. Question 1. The technician receives a secured email reporting that a physician is unable to order a medication in the order entry field. Which of the following is the BEST step to take? a) Route the issue to the next support tier for further troubleshooting. b) Check to … [Read more...]

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Stopwatch for Windows

I forgot I wrote this for a specific reason some time ago and came across it this morning decluttering some folders on my NAS. I can't find the source, but when I do I'll put a link to it here for Github. It is a stupidly simple stopwatch written in VB.NET. I have a 32bit and 64bit version for download. No idea why I did this -- I'd have to look … [Read more...]


So, it seems that my personal tech site was useful for lots of people.  I recently went through and cleaned house.  Created a new server, new database, etc. and dumped all my old content.  By old, I mean 2009-2012 posts.  This was obviously a bad move.   I have had a ton of emails requesting content, so I am trying to make it happen for everyone. … [Read more...]