My Projects

A quick Powershell script I hacked together that will enumerate all Active Directory users, and build an XML file for an application I wrote that generates user reports for a specific application. The output file format is similar to: <quickreports> <report name=Organizational Unit> <database name=v001/> <usrlogin name=jdoe01/> </report> <quickreports> $ErrorActionPreference= ‘silentlycontinue’ $arr=@{} foreach ($usr in…

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This was a rather interesting project I took on.  The project was created to monitor and restrict how many Remote Desktop sessions were permitted to logon based on configuration per-OrganizationalUnit (OU) in Active Directory. There are 2 parts to this. Userlock – the GUI management part sessioncheck – the executable that needs to be set…

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An excercise in FileSystemWatcher in .NET that was used to create an application to monitor a given folder (and subfolders) for specific file/folder operations such as Creation, Deletion, Rename, and Modification.  It also has the ability to send an email alert upon detecting one of the operations selected to monitor for.

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