czkawka – Scan a NAS in Windows

I came across a nice tool named czkawka that “is a simple, fast and free app to remove unnecessary files from your computer.” I want to use this against an old NAS drive with tens of thousands of photos (and files) to find the duplicates and clean them up so I can move the 2TB of data to a different storage solution.

I couldn’t get the application to utilize the smb:// protocol as it suggests, for whatever reason (probably because I’m doing this in Windows). So here’s how I managed to give access to the application for my NAS share.

net use P: \\mediaserver\pictures
mklink /D C:\NAS_Pictures P:\
symbolic link created for C:\NAS_Pictures <<===>> P:\

Now in czkawka, I add the C:\NAS_Pictures source folder and begin to scan…

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