Change WordPress Password using MySQL

This content is 2 years old.If the Forgot password option doesn’t work for you (which it really should), then you can change the password of your self-hosted WordPress login. Check the contents of wp-config.php for the database login. Use that login information for MySQL login. define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wpdatabase’); define(‘DB_USER’, ‘wpdbuser’); define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘wpdbpassword’); Replacing DB_USER and DB_NAME … Read moreChange WordPress Password using MySQL

Part 1: Analysis of a WordPress Malware

This content is 2 years old.I had some time at lunch to kill, so I decided to see how Malware techniques were improving in the land of WordPress and free premium theme download sites. Enter the Darknet. A simple Google search got me a theme ZIP file pretty quickly.  Now, it was time to see … Read morePart 1: Analysis of a WordPress Malware

Disqus WordPress Plugin Vulnerability

This content is 5 years old.A vulnerability has been discovered in the Disqus plugin for WordPress allowing for Remote Code Execution. The Disqus plugin is used on nearly 2 million WordPress blogs. Who is Vulnerable? A remote attacker could successfully execute remote code provided the following version of software are true: PHP <= 5.1.6 WordPress <= 3.1.4 … Read moreDisqus WordPress Plugin Vulnerability

Add a Login/Logout Menu Item to WordPress Navigation Menu

This content is 6 years old.This will add a Login or Logout (depending on state) to your WordPress navigation menu. I have one on mine now; makes it easy to quickly log in/out to test things. Put the following in your child theme’s custom functions PHP file. add_filter( ‘wp_nav_menu_items’, ‘add_loginout_link’, 10, 2 ); function add_loginout_link( … Read moreAdd a Login/Logout Menu Item to WordPress Navigation Menu

Portable WordPress

This content is 7 years old.Here is an all-in-one solution for a portable WordPress.  The creator packs MySQL, PHP, Apache and WordPress together and allows you to drop this folder onto a thumbdrive or network share, etc.  It’s nice and small (<30MB) and works well. WordPress Portable: It also gives you a system tray … Read morePortable WordPress