Cacti Cisco ASA Host Template

This content is 7 years old.Came across a decent host template for Cisco ASA devices that works well with Cacti. Grab the CISCO-FIREWALL-MIB if you don’t already have them.  Get either Version 1 or Version 2 directly from Cisco and also get CISCO-SMI Version 1 or Version 2: Browse Cisco MIBs: Cisco CISCO-FIREWALL-MIB Version … Read moreCacti Cisco ASA Host Template

LEMP + Cacti 0.8.7i

This content is 7 years old.This is my setup of LEMP with Cacti 0.8.7i. LEMP stands for Linux nginx (prounounced Engine x) MySQL and PHP.  Most notably, LEMP is just replacing Apache (LAMP) with nginx. My base linux distribution is Debian 6 AMD64. Software Required: Debian 6 AMD64 (6.0.3) Business Card: PHP 5.3 Nginx … Read moreLEMP + Cacti 0.8.7i