WordPress Top 10 Plugin: Place Counter in Byline

I was annoyed by how the Top 10 plugin didn’t give me a better control of placement of the Visits/Visited string, so I got to work figuring out where to move things around.

First, I found that the data is printed via a PHP function called echo_tptn_post_count()

I edited my child-theme’s content.php file and modified the following (bold):

<?php if ( is_singular() ) { ?>
<?php if(function_exists('echo_tptn_post_count')) { $foo=echo_tptn_post_count(); } ?>
		<?php echo apply_atomic_shortcode( 'entry_title', '[entry-title]' ); ?>
		<?php echo apply_atomic_shortcode( 'byline', '<div class="byline">' . __( 'Published by [entry-author] on [entry-published]  [entry-comments-link before=" | "] '.$foo.' [entry-edit-link before=" | "]', 'live-wire' ) . '</div>'); ?>

When I viewed the post, I saw it was screwing up and echo’ing the $tptn variable above my entry title!

I went and had a look at the echo_tp_tn_post_count() function in top-10.php in the wp-content/plugins/top-10 directory and changed the following (bold):

function echo_tptn_post_count() {
global $post,$tptn_url,$tptn_path;
$id = intval($post->ID);

$output = '<script type=text/javascript src='.$tptn_url.'/top-10-counter.js.php?top_ten_id='.$id.'></script>';
#echo $output; return $output;

Now, it prints right in the byline after the comments (and it only does this on posts…).


This probably wasn’t the RIGHT way to do it, but I figured it out.

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