GooglePlus RSS Feed Reader in PHP

I’m working on a GooglePlus RSS Feed Reader in PHP for anyone who might be interested in making a WordPress module or something similar to display N latest Public posts to your stream.

I have some code in PHP that I’m tinkering with. The original idea came from

You can view the progress:

You can use ?id= to supply your own Google+ ID string found when you login and navigate to

The string of interest here is:[1,2,"XXX",null,null,null,null,"",[]]

Where XXX is your Google+ ID.

[update: August 7, 2011 22:45 EST]

The RSS is for the most part complete; I have some code clean-up to work on yet but it is working. Check out the right column and you’ll see my public feed from Google+.

To reference this, simply add: to the RSS widget source in WordPress – or in your favorite RSS reader. Let me know if you have any problems!

Tip: You can show the latest N by adding ?latest=X to the URI.

[update: August 6, 2011 02:07 EST]

I have completed most of the work. I’ve added two user controllable parameters:

id - Integer:  Google+ ID
latest - Integer:  Latest X number of entries to return. will show you my latest 5 entries.

I plan to add date constraints sometime soon and eventually I can maybe pull in comments to the entries(?).

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