ToolTip: TMNetSim Network Simulator

Found another neat tool yesterday when I was looking for a quick way to show co-workers the effects of high-latency WAN networks (DSL/ATM).

Enter: TMNetSimulator

PC Platform software to simulate a bad WAN on a PC. Newer version than in ToolCrib, also does Packet Capture.

TMnetsim is used to simulate a wide-area network for a single protocol. It is used to create test situations that simulate real-world situations in a reproducable way. TMnetsim works with TCP based socket protocols. TMnetsim may be deployed on any PC with a Microsoft OS:

A stand-alone PC
the Client PC
the Server PC
TMnetsim is primarily used to simulate network delay, however, in some (rare) cases it may be used to simulate packet loss or out-of-order delivery, as well as packet capture. Settings to controll delivery delay and loss may be set on a global basis or per conversation basis. These parameters may also be set in a per-direction basis. A monitor allows you to view current conversations, and you may select specific instances to modify parameters for that connection on-the-fly.


TMNetSimulator configured to show a 1500ms delay for VNC

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