The computer is unable to establish a trust relationship with the server. Verify that the computer’s date and time are accurate and try again.

Windows 7 SP1 x64 attempting to add to a 2012 R2 Essentials domain with Essentials Connector.

I verified date and time already.

Looking at the cert I think that is the problem.

Microsoft says to take a look at:

My problem is that I renewed the Server CA cert… and now the connector was using the incorrect.  So I need to install the latest CERT as a trusted cert on the machine giving me this problem:

  1. On the WHS, launch Certification Authority from the Administrative Tools menu
  2. Right-click on the <Server>-CA node and select Properties.
  3. In the Certificates tab of the Properties window, you should see at least two certificates, numbered sequentially.  Double-click the newest certificate.
  4. In the Certificate window, select the Details tab, and click the Copy to File button
  5. Step through the certificate export wizard, choosing any of the first three formats (I used the PKCS #7 format, and selected to include all certificates in the certification path).
  6. Save the file to a location that is accessible to the client you’re trying to connect (or a USB drive).
  7. On the client machine giving trust issues, open the certificate management console for the local computer by performing the following:
  8. From a Run line, enter mmc.exe
  9. In the empty console, go to File -> Add/Remove Snap-in
  10. Double-click Certificates
  11. Select Computer Account and click Next
  12. Choose Local Computer, and click Finish
  13. Find the Trust Root Certificates node, and expand Certificates
  14. From the Action menu, Choose All Tasks -> Import
  15. Ensure that the Store Location is Local Machine, and click Next
  16. Browse to the file you exported earlier, click Next
  17. Finish the wizard, and ensure that the new certificate appears in the certificate store
  18. Re-run the Connector software.  It should now run successfully.

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