Microsoft Camera Codec on Windows 10

This content 5 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind along with the fact technology changes fast and the information on this page me be outdated, not best practice, or plain wrong.

I just installed Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview and have been going through and setting up some of my software for testing.  I noticed that Windows isn’t generating previews for my Canon DSLR RAW files (.CR2).  After a quick search, Microsoft Camera Codec pack is needed to generate previews for RAW file types.  I downloaded the Codec pack but it errored on the initial install stating my current operating system was not supported.

To work around this, I downloaded Windows Installer 4.5 redistributable which contains Orca.  Orca allows modification of Microsoft Installation files (.MSI).

I modified the following value indicating a check for OS level needing to be less than 9200 and changed it to an arbitrary 9900.



After saving the changes, I closed Orca and ran the Codec Installer again. This time it ran through installation successfully and a reboot was required. Now I can view thumbnail previews of my .CR2 files.

Hope this helps anyone testing Windows 10 Technical Preview and needing to preview RAW images.


  1. Ron Lashley says

    I found a easier way to get ORCA. Go to and download. Extract files and then double click on the Orca.msi to install. Then go to the MicrosoftCameraCodecPack-x64.msi file you downloaded ( or the x86 32 bit version) and right click on it then choose edit with Orca. make the changes above and then File > Save. close Orca and run the camera codec again. It will install on Windows 10.
    If you want to use an already modified version of MicrosoftCameraCodecPack-x64.msi then I have it available here: This is for Windows 64 bit OS only and works on Windows 10. Ignore the SSD install instructions.

    • Rich Kreider says

      BTW, I don’t remember which Build of 10, but RAW support is there and I haven’t had to do this since shortly after I had posted.

      • Ron Lashley says

        I use Windows 10 fully up to date and there is no RAW support in File Explorer for my Sony .ARW pictures. So I suspect it won’t work for others either. That is why I had to do this install.

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