Lexmark T630 – Printer won’t stay online

I’ve come across a strange issue that seems to have cropped up after the December 2020 update, however, it could be related to a driver update in Windows as well — I have not been able to confirm.

The issue is that the Lexmark T630 configured as an IP printer seems to be offline and won’t stay “online”. It’s pingable, and I can telnet to port 9100 from the problematic PC, however Windows will not render print jobs since it thinks it is offline. It will show online after a spooler service restart briefly, but ultimately go offline. What I discovered is that if I disable the SNMP status monitor in the Devices and Printers > Printer Properties > Ports > Configuration, the issue is resolved and the printer stays online.

The Lexmark T630 is not configured with SNMP so it would fail normally, but I’m not sure why Windows would be thinking this is a hard fail. I’ll investigate further, but for now, this is the work around.

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