Join Nano Server to a Domain

To join my Windows Server 2016 Nano server to my test domain I used the djoin.exe (Domain Join) command.

From a domain controller, or server already joined to my domain, I run the following command.  This will create a file called NANOSERVERTP5 at the location I run the command.

(Change items hilighted in Red)

djoin.exe /provision /domain TESTDOMAIN /machine NANOSERVERTP5 /reuse /savefile .NANOSERVERTP5


Copy the NANOSERVERTP5 file to C: on the Nano Server.  I temporarily enabled File and Sharing through the Firewall on the Nano Server in order to gain access to the Administrative share, so I could copy it to$.

In order to enter into a remote Powershell session, I needed to make sure I had a trusted host entry for my Nano Server in Web Services Management (WS-Management, or WSMan).  I launched an administrative Powershell shell.  Also, make sure WinRM service is running on the machine you’ll be using (net start winrm).

(Change items hilighted in Red)

Set-Item WSMan:localhostClientTrustedHosts -Value -Concatenate

Accept (Y) the WinRM security prompt.

Start a remote PowerShell session into the Nano Server.

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName -Credential Administrator

Run djoin and specify the location that NANOSERVERTP5 file was copied to; in my case, C:NANOSERVERTP5.

djoin /requestodj /loadfile c:NANOSERVERTP5 /windowspath c:windows /localos

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