Install Windows Admin Console on a Domain Controller

How to install Windows Admin Console on a Domain Controller.

Doing this may damage your system. Microsoft has no documentation as to why WAC is not supported on a domain controller. Please only use this for educational/lab purposes. You’ve been warned!

The installer sets the MsiNTProductType property for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and later operating systems. This property indicates the Windows product type.

For Windows 2000 and later operating systems, the installer sets the following values. Note that values are the same as of the wProductType field of the OSVERSIONINFOEX structure.

1,Windows 2000 Professional and later
2,Windows 2000 domain controller and later
3,Windows 2000 Server and later

For operating systems earlier than Windows 2000, the installer sets the following values.

1,Windows NT Workstation
2,Windows NT domain controller
3,Windows NT Server

With that being said, I started up Orca MSI Editor. I found the MsiNTProductType by doing a search and changed the condition of the Action SetSUPPORTED_SERVER_SKU to the following.

WIN_10 AND (MsiNTProductType = 3 OR MsiNTProductType = 2)

I also came across LaunchCondition task and in this there is a check that I removed:

Installed OR (MsiNTProductType <> 2)

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