Convert PDF to TIFF Using Ghostscript Command Line

I’m starting to research for a project I’ll be working on involving PDF and TIFF multi-page documents and conversions. Here’s a commandline to convert a PDF to a TIFF (works for multipage too).

gswin32c.exe -o test.tif -sDEVICE=tiffg4 input.pdf

This creates “test.tif” output file from “test.pdf” which is a 14 page PDF file. If I didn’t want to have a multipage file output, I could specify -o test_%03d.tiff which would give me individual TIF images of each page of the input PDF.

See for more information on the DEVICE option.

Running the gswin64 to convert PDF to TIFF

A Ghostscript processing window pops up to show progress:

Ghostscript status window

1 thought on “Convert PDF to TIFF Using Ghostscript Command Line”

  1. OMG! Thanks Rich!
    The number of times I’ve looked for a decent way to make a PDF into a TIFF without either a lot of annoying steps, or doling out some cash.

    I’ve been relying on my Brother Printer/FAX driver for this. (Of course I do it to prepare documents for FAX send over VOIP)

    But thanks to working with EPS files I have GS on everything I own anyway, this is an excellent find. Bet I get some control over the quality too.


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