Chrome on Windows 10 Creators Update Hangs

I was plagued with an annoying problem in Chrome 58, beta and Canary for the past month or two. Actually, it dates back to when I was in the Windows Insider Preview for Windows 10 and had already been testing the Windows 10 Creators update. Anyway, Chrome starting ‘hanging’ on me. Meaning, when there should have been a dialog box popup (in most of my experience, this was what was missing), there was nothing. I couldn’t close Chrome, close tabs, etc. I had to hit Escape on the keyboard which would let me click on things, but not actually close the browser.
I decided to search for this issue again on Google to see if anyone had any insight; originally when I searched for this a month or two ago, I wasn’t finding anything useful. All old articles from 2013 etc.
Today was my lucky day. I found a Spiceworks article from April 2017 indicating others had the same problem. I was happy in that it wasn’t just me having the problem! There was a solution to disable Hardware Acceleration (I tried this previously with no luck).  I then saw a comment indicating this was fixed in chromium 60 and could also be worked around by supplying a -disable-dwm-composition flag at Chrome startup.
I grabbed Chrome Canary which is v60 at this time and so far things have been stable!

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