Using Webgrind to analyze Xdebug2

Grab Xdebug that matches your PHP installation. Make sure Webgrind is not publicly accessible. It allows anyone with access to it to get access to your local file system.

Webgrind Legend

The basic output lists all the different functions, methods, andincluded/requiredfiles.

  • Invocation Count:The number of times the function has been called
  • Total Self Cost:The total time it took to execute the raw php in this function (time taken to execute your other custom functions is excluded.)
  • Total Inclusive Cost:Total time, including any other functions called (PHP internal, or your functions)
  • What the different colours mean?
    • Blueare PHP internal functions
    • Greenare your class methods
    • Orangeare procedural functions
    • Greyis time taken toinclude, orrequire.php files.
  • What the coloured bar means?Graphical display of breakdown of time for each type as above.
  • For the last ones, I assume you’ve clicked the arrow to open a particular function?
    • Calls:The functions/methods called in executing this function
    • Total Call Cost:The total time executing this function, when called from the parent function
    • Count:Number of times the parent calls the child.

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