Check out http://www.koken.me/ for a great free self-hosted content management system!

This is just mind blowing.  I’ve grumbled at some of the self-hosted photography applications like Gallery2/Gallery3, Piwigo, Coppermine, etc. and then I stumbled upon #koken .

Mind = Blown

Not only does this ROCK with it’s in-built features, but it can integrate with Adobe Lightroom  through a plugin!

Oh, did I mention it’s FREE, beautiful and fast?!

Installation?  30 seconds.  *Seriously*

So if any of you are into photography , you may want to seriously consider this self-hosted solution.

I have setup my personal website (techish.net) with this as I plan to host public and private photos of family, places, events, nature, and whatever else I can capture with my Canon.