Create a Redirect to your Google+ Profile

width=90It is pretty simple to setup your domain to redirect to your Google+ profile.  For example, I have which redirects to my Google+ profile.  This is handy instead of having to link to your Google+ profile manually or using a third-party service.  Keeps everything in your control.  =)


If you are using Apache, modify your .htaccess file and include the following lines.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
Redirect /+


If you are using Nginx, modify your nginx.conf file and put the following line within your location {} stanza.

rewrite ^/+ permanent;

2 thoughts on “Create a Redirect to your Google+ Profile

    1. Rich Kreider Post author

      Yes, I was getting tired of looking up my G+ profile ID and wanted to be able to control it myself (redirect) instead of a third party URL forwarder.


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