Intel Xeon E7540 replaced with X7560

Recently I’ve been dealing with CPU RDY of about 5% across two ESXi hosts. I’ve load balanced the best I could given necessary workloads and was able to get CPU RDY down to about 3-4% which still isn’t great.

I made the decision to grab a few Intel Xeon X7560 processors to replace the existing Intel Xeon E7540 processors to help alleviate some pressure. The main reason was moving from 6 core E7540 to 8 core X7560.

The specs are pretty close, including same Nehalem family for my EVC needs. The clock speed is a bit faster on the X7560 at 2.27GHz vs the E7540 at 2.0GHz.

I swapped out 4 in total; each ESXi host is currently licensed for 2 socket VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus.
Here’s to hoping this gets me under 2% CPU RDY! I’ll attach a graph next week after I’ve had time to let things run and show a (hopeful) improvement.

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