Install Just VHDMount Tools from Microsoft

I decided to take a backup of a system I had made in Acronis and convert it to a Microsoft VirtualPC VHD. I then wanted to explore this VHD and mount it as a drive on my system across the network all from a Server 2003 system. Windows 7/2008 have VHD Mount capability natively in the Disk Management Utility (diskmgmt.msc):


Disk Management Utility – VHD Tools

Since Server 2003 doesn’t have this natively, but Virtual Server 2005 SP1 does have this tool, you can install VHDMount standalone.

First, download Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1:

During installation, choose Custom and only install VHDMount.

After installation is completed, you will find VHDMount tools located in C:Program FilesMicrosoft Virtual ServerVHDMount directory.

For additional information on how to use VHDMount, see Microsoft’s TechNET article:

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