End of Availability of VMware ESX 4.x

 Dear Valued Customer,

VMware is announcing an End of Availability (“EoA”) date for VMware vSphere®   ESX hypervisor 4.x and for VMware Management Assistant (“vMA”) versions 1 and   4. The end of   availability date is August 15, 2013. This is a follow-on   communication to the general announcement made in July 2011 in connection   with the launch of vSphere 5.0.

This notification has NO IMPACT on existing vSphere ESXi 4.x   environments, and customers are NOT required to take any action.   However, it is recommended that customers make a backup or keep an archived   copy of these binaries and generate any necessary license keys in order to   maintain or expand a vSphere ESX hypervisor version 4.x or vMA versions 1 and   4 environment. These steps should be completed prior to August 15, 2013.   VMware will not provide any binaries or license keys for vSphere ESX   hypervisor 4.x or vMA versions 1 and 4 after August 15, 2013.

Additional information can be found at:

Please note:

  • vSphere ESX hypervisor 4.X and vMA support lifecycle
    The end of support life (“EOSL”) date remains May 21, 2014. VMware’s        support lifecycle page can be found at: www.vmware.com/support/policies/lifecycle/enterprise-infrastructure/eos.html
  • Customer’s ability to use the binaries of vSphere ESX        hypervisor 4.x or vMA versions 1 and 4 past August 15, 2013
    Customers retain the ability to use licensed binaries past the EoA or        EOSL dates. However, they will not be able to download binaries or        generate new license keys after the EoA date or obtain technical support        and subscription after the EOSL date.
  • vSphere ESXi 4.X availability and support – There is NO impact
  • vMA 4.1, 5, or 5.1 availability and support for all        versions – There is        NO impact

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