Can’t Bind Windows 2008 R2 VM to Interface for DHCP

UPDATE: I had originally thought I had resolved this by removing/re-adding the adapter. Turns out the issue reappeared this morning. After more researching, I found that it was caused by WDS! Since I no longer need WDS for testing, I have disabled the service. Went into bindings for DHCP and checked the interface with the static IP and it kept the setting. NOW DHCP should be working permanently. =)

Ran into a weird issue this morning when moving DHCP from an ASA to a 2008 R2 virtual machine on VMware ESX 4.1. The 2008 R2 machine had a standard network, static, adapter. The DHCP server role installed fine. I could not bind the DHCP server to the interface though! I restarted the VM a few times while troubleshooting then decided to yank currently installed adapter out (uninstalled from 2008 R2 first, then removed from VM via vSphere client).

I added a VXNET3 adapter, re-assigned the IP address it previously had then restarted DHCP server. I immediately saw the DHCP server bind to the interface.

Just a strange issue.

Bind to interface DHCP server 2008 R2

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