ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus: Changing Request Starting ID

How to change the starting request ID number in ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus. For ServiceDesk Plus MSP, see ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

In the ManageEngine installation directory, I’ll assume C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter


  1. C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter\mysql\bin\mysql.exe -u root -P 33356 supportcenter
  2. mysql> insert into workorder (WORKORDERID,REQUESTERID,DEPARTMENTID) values (4999,2,1);
    Where request ID is 4999, Requesterid is 2 and Department ID is 1
  3. Restart SupportCenter service


  1. insert into workorder (WORKORDERID,REQUESTERID,CREATEDTIME,DUEBYTIME,DEPARTMENTID) values (4999,2,0,0,1);
  2. Restart SupportCenter service

For Postgres

  1. C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter\pgsql\bin\psql.exe -U postgres -p 65432 -d supportcenter
  2. postgres# insert into workorder (WORKORDERID,REQUESTERID,CREATEDTIME,DUEBYTIME,DEPARTMENTID) values (4999,2,0,0,1);
  3. Restart SupportCenter service

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