How to change the starting request ID number in ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus. For ServiceDesk Plus MSP, see ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

In the ManageEngine installation directory, I’ll assume C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter


  1. C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter\mysql\bin\mysql.exe -u root -P 33356 supportcenter
  2. mysql> insert into workorder (WORKORDERID,REQUESTERID,DEPARTMENTID) values (4999,2,1);
    Where request ID is 4999, Requesterid is 2 and Department ID is 1
  3. Restart SupportCenter service


  1. insert into workorder (WORKORDERID,REQUESTERID,CREATEDTIME,DUEBYTIME,DEPARTMENTID) values (4999,2,0,0,1);
  2. Restart SupportCenter service

For Postgres

  1. C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter\pgsql\bin\psql.exe -U postgres -p 65432 -d supportcenter
  2. postgres# insert into workorder (WORKORDERID,REQUESTERID,CREATEDTIME,DUEBYTIME,DEPARTMENTID) values (4999,2,0,0,1);
  3. Restart SupportCenter service