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I came across this on a VM the other morning. It seemed that assigned the VM 2vCPU and then installing XP Professional didn't install the correct HAL/Kernel. I'm not sure why, but here's how I noticed the problem and how I fixed it. I first noticed the issue when it was reported that in Task Manager the CPU graph only had one CPU showing. In the View -> CPU History menu, there was only one option to show the single CPU. I checked device manager next and noted that there were in fact 2 CPUs recognized Continue Reading...

‘BLISS’ taken by Charles O’Rear is WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS PHOTO! 

Reshared post from +May Fong Robinson‘BLISS’ taken by Charles O’Rear is WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS PHOTO! It has been seen by 1 billion! people since 2002.The photo was taken during a rest stop driving through the wine region of Napa Valley in California. Reshared 1 times Google+: View post on Google+Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell. Continue Reading...

XP Windows Task Scheduler Advanced Menu

Windows XP's Tasks folder view has an Advanced menu (which I've never paid attention to) that allows you to choose additional functions for the task scheduler.
I *never* knew this existed via the GUI.  I always used the command-line and registry snooping to find/create tasks and the event viewer to review task's runs.  This menu lets you show hidden tasks, view the log, setup notification, etc.
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Windows XP SP3 installed, or is it?

Here's today's riddle:

I got this interesting problem after installing SP3 on a Windows XP Home system via the Network Install Service Pack 3 download.
Action Plan

Uninstall SP3 from Add/Remove Programs
Install SP3 via Windows Update
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Openfiles Windows XP Professional Command

First of all, there are a few tools that I’ve used in the past to show me files that certain processes have opened up.  One such tool is Process Monitor by SysInternals.  Windows XP Professional comes with a command-line tool called openfiles.
What is openfiles?
Enables an administrator to list or disconnect files and folders that have been opened on a system.
By default (I think) it’s doesn’t track open files so you will need to enable it by issuing the following command (this does add some Continue Reading...