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Working on redesign using the Arke theme from Danny Cooper and modifying some of the files. Todo Fix pagination on category (/category/name/page/number) is not working - may be an issue in the logic for post dump in the archives page format (index loop / content loop) Add tagging to display and wp_query logic for archives (Note 1/31/23: chose to use category instead of tags) Add pagination / cleanup pagination location for per post and also category/archive/search pages Under the Continue Reading...

Cleaning things up

I’m going through and reorganizing all the posts and content I’ve added over the last 15 years. Hopefully by the end, it’ll be a bit more structured for my liking.

Cleaning Things Up

Excuse all the dust and debris!  I’m in the middle of cleaning things up.

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Well, I'm now on the latest release of WordPress (3.2.1). Mail service is up and running for, and Anyone with email,, or can access webmail via as usual. Squirrelmail is up and running to serve me all my glorious (read: unmissed) mail! DNS servers are back up and operating full force. I am running authoritative for, TECHISH.ORG, TECHISH.INFO as well as a local cache. Continue Reading...