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I think it was late one night (5 years ago maybe?) I was sitting at Rick's place playing with Audacity and making joke recordings. This is during a time I was into Wireless networking pretty heavily and I believe we were discussing DSSS and FHSS spectrums with some of the technology we had been working with (Motorola/RayLink). This was created with Festival for Linux; I don't have the original text file, but if someone wants to transcribe it and drop it to me in an email that'd Continue Reading...

Dialup Modem Soundbyte

Yes, you know you were searching the entire internet for a dialup modem soundbyte.  Here it is.

Cisco Hold Music – Opus No. 1 (Tim Carleton and Darrick Deel)

The hold music from this episode, Opus No. 1, by Tim Carleton and Darrick Deel
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