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IBM System X3850 Disable Processor Power Management

In order to work around the issue processor power management has to be disabled in system UEFI and vSphere Client.
To change power policies using server UEFI settings:

Turn on the server.
Note: If necessary, connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the console breakout cable and connect the console breakout cable to the compute node.
When the prompt 'Press <F1> Setup' is displayed, press F1 and enter UEFI setup. Follow the instructions on the screen.
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Replacing IBM X3650 (7979-C3U) Planar (FRU: 43W8250/43W0331)

For those of you who may have followed along on my original post of me troubleshooting an IBM X3650, I found a system planar for $20 (lol). Just arrived today, with shuttle, which is awesome. I'll be putting this in the server chassis today and hopefully getting a successful boot. Left is the new board and right is the old. Update 5/12 After being out of the office with other tasks, I finally had some time this morning to get this swapped out. Everything went well with the exception of Continue Reading...

[FAIL] IBM x3650 7979 Booting the Controller Kernel

I've been experiencing a weird issue with a decommissioned server. I have an IBM x3650 7979 server with a ServeRaid 8k-l controller and during boot it just hangs at Booting the Controller Kernel and will eventually error with unable to start controller.  This post will document things I've done to try to resolve this issue. I have replaced the SR8k-l controller, removed all peripherals and internal unnecessary components as well as pulled the drives from the backplane. I actually swapped Continue Reading...

Upgrade or Replace BlackArmor NAS110 Drive

My BlackArmor NAS110 came with a 1TB 7200 RPM drive.  I ran out of room so I stole a 2TB drive from a new computer I ordered and wanted to use it in the BlackArmor.
To successfully do this, I needed to wipe the partitions from the new drive.  So I hooked it up to my desktop computer using a 2.5/3.5 SATA caddy.
list disk
select disk 2
That was the command sequence.  Be careful to select the proper disk or you can wipe the partitions from any drives attached!
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IBM Storwize V3700 Commands

Here is a listing of commands on the IBM Storwize V3700 along with their descriptions.

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IBM Storwize V3700 Service Module

The IBM Storwize V3700 does not support SNMP, only sending of SNMP traps. So to view the hardware in a canister of the V3700, you can access the Service console by HTTP using the IP address of the management interface you've configured.
This is a different web interface than the standard web interface.
You can also look at hardware on the console by SSHing to the V3700 unit.
Here are the informational commands as of v7.6 Storwize V3700.
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IBM IMM Default Username: USERID
Default Password: PASSW0RD
Access KVM:


IBM Storwize V3700

Just got our new IBM Storwize V3700 unit in today. Isn't she sexy?!

V3700 Startup
This is a video I took using my Samsung S5 of the startup of the V3700.  Loud.  Kickass.  What more could I ask for?  Maybe the SSD drives that will be arriving Monday...  If you listen closely, you can hear the IBM wind when it kicks into warp speed mode.
System Initialization
I've never experienced system initialization like with this V3700.  A USB drive is Continue Reading...

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Screen Flickering

I own a nice sleek Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro tablet/laptop device. One annoyance is the screen flickers when on Battery.
I read on a few forums to go in and disable Auto Adjustment in the advanced power settings for the power plan that is active but that didn't fully resolve it, I could still notice the backlight flicker.
The solution is to do the above mentioned PLUS go into the Intel Graphics options and disable their option for power saving technology on the graphics card.

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