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I’m in Resistance. I first played this when I had my invite and was using my Samsung Galaxy S2. I never really got into it, but maybe I’ll put some effort into it and see how it goes.


A little after hours AssaultCube

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AssaultCube: Auto Sorry, Mate on TK

Found what I've been looking for recently. I wanted a script to auto say (with voicecom) an apology if I TK. // This file gets executed every time you start AssaultCube. // This is where you should put any scripts you may have created for AC. // On TK message script by DES|Bukz. Little mod by Kirin. Some ideas and help from |BC|Wolf & DES|V-Man. if (! (strstr $mapstartalways tkchk)) [add2alias mapstartalways [sleep 1000 [tkchk]]] [] if (checkalias srymsg) [] [srymsg = "Sorry Continue Reading...