Replacing IBM X3650 (7979-C3U) Planar (FRU: 43W8250/43W0331)

For those of you who may have followed along on my original post of me troubleshooting of an IBM X3650, I found a system planar for $20 (lol). Just arrived today, with shuttle, which is awesome. I’ll be putting this in the server chassis today and hopefully getting a successful boot.

Left is the new board and right is the old.


Update 5/12

After being out of the office with other tasks, I finally had some time this morning to get this swapped out.

Everything went well with the exception of the memory. I had to put in 2x1GB sticks in DIMM slots 1 and 4 as the previously installed 4GB modules were not working and I was finally able to get a POST.

The BIOS at post is 1.03 and ServeRAID 8k-l initialized. I do need to update the BIOS as well as ServeRAID BIOS. The board I swapped from was at BIOS 1.19 and ServeRAID BIOS was at 17003.

[FAIL] IBM x3650 7979 Booting the Controller Kernel



I’ve been experiencing a weird issue with a decommissioned server. I have an IBM x3650 7979 server with a ServeRaid 8k-l controller and during boot it just hangs at Booting the Controller Kernel and will eventually error with unable to start controller.  This post will document things I’ve done to try to resolve this issue.

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