wget for Windows Server core

I’m setting up a new IIS role on a new install of Windows Server 2019 core and I needed to grab a file from a remote webserver.

My go-to for this would be the powershell alias wget. This is just an alias for Invoke-WebRequest. Problem, on Server Core is that it requires the Internet Explorer engine – which isn’t going to be available on Server Core.

One workaround is to use the -UseBasicParsing option.

invoke-webrequest -usebasicparsing https://example.com/download.zip -out download.zip

But I also found another neat trick – and this method is a LOT faster to download during my testing.

Import-Module BitsTransfer
Start-BitsTransfer -source "https://example.com/download.zip"

This will save the file in the working directory.