Using Webgrind to analyze Xdebug2

Grab Xdebug that matches your PHP installation.  Make sure Webgrind is not publicly accessible.  It allows anyone with access to it to get access to your local file system. Webgrind Legend The basic output lists all the different functions, methods, and included/required files. Invocation Count: The number of times the function has been called Total Self Cost: The total … Read moreUsing Webgrind to analyze Xdebug2

WordPress on IIS

These are my notes for getting WordPress on IIS 10 (1809) on Windows Server 2019 Core working.  I ran into a problem with MySQL 8.0 so I reverted back to MySQL 5.6 until I can spend a little more time troubleshooting and document my experience. [This is a running draft currently] Install and Configure: IIS … Read moreWordPress on IIS

Part 1: Analysis of a WordPress Malware

This content is 2 years old.I had some time at lunch to kill, so I decided to see how Malware techniques were improving in the land of WordPress and free premium theme download sites. Enter the Darknet. A simple Google search got me a theme ZIP file pretty quickly.  Now, it was time to see … Read morePart 1: Analysis of a WordPress Malware

PHP Easter Eggs

To honor Easter, I’ve decided to put this little tidbit of information up. These are PHP “easter eggs”.  I had no idea these existed until I was running a security scan using Detectify.  This information can be considered to be a vulnerability since it could be used to obtain specific server information/versions and use that version as a reference to look up exploits against PHP, the server, etc.

Add a Login/Logout Menu Item to WordPress Navigation Menu

This content is 6 years old.This will add a Login or Logout (depending on state) to your WordPress navigation menu. I have one on mine now; makes it easy to quickly log in/out to test things. Put the following in your child theme’s custom functions PHP file. add_filter( ‘wp_nav_menu_items’, ‘add_loginout_link’, 10, 2 ); function add_loginout_link( … Read moreAdd a Login/Logout Menu Item to WordPress Navigation Menu