When generating reports in OpManager v11 and exporting as PDF, the footer contains ManageEngine OpManager Page : as the footer. To change this, on your OpManager install, navigate to the installation path of OpManager and modify confrandProps.properties file.  Add the following line, and customize accordingly. pdfFooterText=Your Company or Whatever | email@yourdomain.com |  Page: You do not need…

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Got a call that there was a problem viewing emails with attached PDFs today. PDFs were getting mangled up when viewing them on the iPhone (iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1). Did some general testing on the MS Exchange server (2003, btw) and disabled A/V, Firewall and some other things to make sure it wasn’t causing the problem. Outlook and OWA were able to open the PDF without issue so it was targeted at iOS devices it seemed.

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I’m starting to research for a project I’ll be working on involving PDF and TIFF multi-page documents and conversions. Here’s a commandline to convert a PDF to a TIFF (works for multipage too). gswin32c.exe -o test.tif -sDEVICE=tiffg4 input.pdf This creates “test.tif” output file from “test.pdf” which is a 14 page PDF file. If I didn’t…

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