Got a call that there was a problem viewing emails with attached PDFs today. PDFs were getting mangled up when viewing them on the iPhone (iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1). Did some general testing on the MS Exchange server (2003, btw) and disabled A/V, Firewall and some other things to make sure it wasn’t causing the problem. Outlook and OWA were able to open the PDF without issue so it was targeted at iOS devices it seemed.

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I needed to setup bandwidth shaping on a router recently for testing purposes and decided on the below configuration on my Cisco router.  I know this drops packets and I don’t really care;  this is a guest network and it isn’t mission critical. policy-map POLICY_GUEST_OUT class CLASS_GUEST_OUT shape average 1000000 policy-map POLICY_GUEST_IN class CLASS_GUEST_IN police…

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This is how I have successfully configured a Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Router as a VPN server for remote users… ! [SNIP] ! aaa new-model ! ! aaa authentication login VPN_UserAuth group radius aaa authentication login CLI_UserAuth local aaa authentication login userauthen group radius aaa authorization network VPN_GroupAuth local ! ! [SNIP] crypto isakmp policy…

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