Test Dial on Modem in AIX

Had an issue with dialout on an AIX system this morning. Problem resolved, but I learned a pretty handy little command for testing dial-out (I didn't have a buttset with me). Using cu -n -d -l tty2, I can dial-out to my cellphone to help in troubleshooting the problem. # cu -n -d -l tty2 Please enter the number: xxxxxxxxxx altconn called Device Read More

FastClaims for Tiger in AIX

So I've discovered that FastClaims in Allscripts Tiger AIX servers are stored in the following location When a receipts are batched, they are stored in /m2/MF01/CLAIM499 When clicking on "Batch" -> Fast Claims, it then copies /m2/MF01/CLAIM499 to /src/APPS/ECONNECT/ARCHIVE/TS/CLAIM499_1.3101165443_20120131165507385. You will notice this filename Read More

AIX/Unix Common Commands

AIX/Unix Commands free - lists available disk space dfdb - lists dbspaces on the system. use ifxksh to initialize the ifx environment first who -b - displays last date system was rebooted oslevel - lists the version of the operating system bootinfo -r - lists total amount of real memory installed (divide by 1024 to get MB) startjs - Read More