Working on redesign using the Arke theme from Danny Cooper and modifying some of the files.


  • Fix pagination on category (/category/name/page/number) is not working – may be an issue in the logic for post dump in the archives page format (index loop / content loop)
  • Add tagging to display and wp_query logic for archives
  • Add pagination / cleanup pagination location for per post and also category/archive/search pages

Under the search function, I return all posts (posts_per_page=>-1) and on taxonomy pages I’m limiting to 15 posts per page (posts_per_page=>15)

Update 10/20/2022: I’ve moved this to a staging dev server to complete and reverted back to the default Twenty Ten theme.

Update 12/28/2022: Still working on the dev server that is staged and moved back to Twenty Twelve theme.