Get RDS-CAL License Details (2008 RDS License Server)

Get current RDS-CAL details via PowerShell. Run this from your 2008 RDS Licensing server. # Filename of the export $filename = RDS-CAL-Report.csv # Import RDS PowerShell Module import-module remotedesktopservices # Open RDS Location Set-Location -path rds: # Remove previous reports (Optional) remove-item … [Read more...]

A general system error occurred: esxi1: CHAP setting not compatible.

During datastore creation in vSphere using the Nimble vCenter plugin, I get the following error: A general system error occurred: esxi1: CHAP setting not compatible. hba=vmhba33 In vSphere Client I went to my ESXi host then Configuration, Storage Adapters, iSCSI Software Adapter.  Taking a look at vmhba33 Properties then CHAP... I see that there … [Read more...]

Intel Xeon E7540 replaced with X7560

Recently I've been dealing with CPU RDY of about 5% across two ESXi hosts. I've load balanced the best I could given necessary workloads and was able to get CPU RDY down to about 3-4% which still isn't great. I made the decision to grab a few Intel Xeon X7560 processors to replace the existing Intel Xeon E7540 processors to help alleviate some … [Read more...]

Performance tuning iSCSI Round Robin policies in ESXi for Nimble storage

Here's an ESXi console script to loop through each Nimble eui.* adapter and set IOPS=0 and BYTES=0 (per Nimble recommendations). for x in `esxcli storage nmp device list | awk '/Nimble iSCSI Disk/{print $7}' | sed -e 's/(//' -e 's/)//'`; do echo $x esxcli storage nmp psp roundrobin deviceconfig set -d $x -t bytes -B 0; esxcli storage nmp psp … [Read more...]

IBM System X3850 Disable Processor Power Management

In order to work around the issue processor power management has to be disabled in system UEFI and vSphere Client. To change power policies using server UEFI settings: Turn on the server. Note: If necessary, connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the console breakout cable and connect the console breakout cable to the compute node. When … [Read more...]