Spent a little time at lunch today creating a MAC lookup tool for my site. There is now a new menu, Tools, which will have some of the online tools I setup over time.

I use perl script to parse the IEEE oui.txt file and dump it into an SQlite3 database. From there I wrote some PHP to query that database.

You can visit https://techish.net/mac/ and start searching.

The following are all valid formats for supplying a MAC. You can supply the whole MAC if you want, I try to be smart about my filtering.

  • https://techish.net/mac/00-00-00
  • https://techish.net/mac/00:00:00
  • https://techish.net/mac/0000.00
  • https://techish.net/mac/000000
  • https://techish.net/mac/000000afsdf3efds8afasd0f

If you find any bugs, or features, drop me a line.