I recently used GParted to delete a Swap partition on my Linux server so I could extend my primary partition. In doing so, the UUID changed of the disk and during boot, I was presented with a message A start job is running for dev-disk-by… which takes 90 seconds to then boot.

To fix this, I needed to change the UUID in /etc/fstab of the Swap partition to match the newly recreated swap partition I made after extending my primary partition.

To get the UUID, I used blkid command:


I then modified /etc/fstab and replaced UUID= ID with the output of the swap ID above.


UUID=bb64a5ed-17d4-2a39-5371-982d3ee2267e none            swap    sw


UUID=2078ee54-36e1-4a78-9867-798d3bb22673 none            swap    sw

I saved changes and rebooted. Now I have a boot time of less than 15 seconds.