Reset Fuser on Brother MFC-9130CW

Press the Fax option on the touch screen.

The Home symbol should light up on the right side.

Press and hold down the Home key for about 5 seconds until the screen showing serial number with 4 boxes is displayed.

Hold down the blank space (last rectangle box) at the bottom of the LCD until the numbers grid is displayed on the LCD.

Press the *, 2, 8, 6, 4 on the panel unit in the order. The display will show Maintenance and enter maintenance mode

Once in Maintenance mode, press 88. Reset-Fuser Unit will be displayed on the LCD.

Press SET key on the touch screen, and Reset-Fuser unit Ok? will be displayed.

Press SET key on the touch screen to reset the fuser counter

Press Stop key on the touch screen. Press 99 to exit maintenance mode

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