Error 0135: Fan Failure

WARNING: There has been a recall on certain M90z and M70z all-in-one Lenovo systems due to a fire hazard.

Please visit CPSC for more information.

Glad this was documented on Lenovo’s site for the A70z (all-in-one) system.

They have other systems also and you can find them here:

It specifies to review the HMM (Hardware Maintenance Manual) for the FRU to re-order.  The HMM can be found:

Fan locations based on POST error codes – ThinkCentre A70z


A fan error occurs during POST but the user is unsure which of the three fan locations the error code references.

Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

  • All ThinkCentre A70z

Additional Information:

Error Message
Fan # in BIOS
Physical Location
0135: CPU Fan failFan 1Fan closest to CPU
0135: System Fan 1 failFan 2Fan closest to HDD
0135: System Fan 2 failFan 3Fan attached to planar cover

See the picture below for fan designations, System Board Fan – Fan2, CPUFan1, and SYSFAN1.

Refer to the HMM for correct FRU number and FRU replacement information.


4 Replies to “Error 0135: Fan Failure”

  1. Refer to the HMM for correct FRU number and FRU replacement information.

    a link would help.

    whats a hmm hmmm let me think about that?


  2. @Anonymous
    The link is in the article I wrote…

    HMM is Hardware Maintenance Module


  3. Lenovo S200 N3050 Displays Fan CPU failure ,error 0135 , so wwhat can I do to resolve this issue


    1. Rich Kreider 2016-07-06 at 8:53 am


      You can check if it is under warranty to have it replaced, visit:


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