Belkin F5U409 Windows 7 64bit Driver

Found a great post by Benjamin which outlines the work he did in finding a driver suitable for the Belkin F5U409 in Windows 64bit systems.

Here’s the blog post he has:

Download the Driver from MCT:

Download the Driver from Benjamin’s server:

Download the driver from my local server:  U232_10.2

4 Replies to “Belkin F5U409 Windows 7 64bit Driver”

  1. Is there a driver for Belkin F5U409 USB to Serial port with Windows 8 operating system?


    1. Rich Kreider 2013-02-14 at 7:39 pm

      This driver may work already. I would give it a shot; if you do try, let me know if it worked or if you received problems, what problems you had.


  2. Hi Rich, that driver did not work. If you hear of any driver that will work let me know.


  3. The computer could not find the driver.


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