Check Windows Servers Activation Status

I needed a quick way to check activation status of Windows Servers in a domain. This is the solution I came up with using PowerShell to run the slmgr.vbs script for output. I’m not great with PowerShell, and I’m sure this can be cleaned up or made more efficient, but this ‘hack’ worked for me.

$computers = get-adcomputer -filter "OperatingSystem -Like '*Windows Server*' -and Enabled -eq 'True'" | select-object name

foreach($computer in $computers) {
	write-host $
	Invoke-Command { (cscript /Nologo "C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs" /xpr) -join '' } -ComputerName $

The output will be one of the following, with variation to the edition:

Windows(R), ServerStandard edition:    Windows is in Notification mode
Windows Server(R), ServerDatacenter edition:    The machine is permanently activated.

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