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Raid and IOPs Cheat Sheet – Excel

I made this 5 years ago in Excel and it was pretty popular. I think there are some errors in the math formulas that were pointed out for “RAW” calculations of backend IOPs. So use with caution, but mostly it should give a good enough idea on whatever it is you might be doing.

If you make modifications, please drop me a line in the comments or get in touch with me. I’ll update my post to include fixes.

RAID-and-IOPS Cheat Sheet Download

Userlock – Restricting Number of Remote Desktop Sessions Per OU

This was a rather interesting project I took on.  The project was created to monitor and restrict how many Remote Desktop sessions were permitted to logon based on configuration per-OrganizationalUnit (OU) in Active Directory.

There are 2 parts to this.

Userlock – the GUI management part

sessioncheck – the executable that needs to be set to run for each user login and logoff script on a RDS Host.

Syntax of sessioncheck: sessioncheck logon or sessioncheck logoff

Userlock GUI

sessioncheck pops up a notification message box upon logon if there are no available slots left for “Max Sessions” and then logs the user immediately off the RDSH.

sessioncheck and Userlock GUI utilize a MSSQL Express database to store session data and check configurations for Maximum limits.

It works surprisingly well.  If you might be interested in this project for use at your organization, there are some code changes I’d need to make for more portability outside my environment, but it’s doable.  Get in touch with me.


An excercise in FileSystemWatcher in .NET that was used to create an application to monitor a given folder (and subfolders) for specific file/folder operations such as Creation, Deletion, Rename, and Modification.  It also has the ability to send an email alert upon detecting one of the operations selected to monitor for.