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Software and Support

I have been in the process of working on my website and organizing content to make it a little easier to find things. Most recently I’ve added a menu to get people directly to the small utilities I write as well as a new menu for my Forums that I’ll be working on (and also provide support for my software).
The newest additions to the software are:

You can find support for the software in the Software Support Forum.

Tooltip: Find Installation Source

I wrote a small program to give some pertinent information for installed applications.

My program will scan Uninstall string in the registry and display installed application name, date installed, installation source and uninstall string.

You can use the right-click context menu to perform additional operations on each program such as googling a specific uninstall string, program name, installation source etc. as well as perform an uninstall using the Uninstall String data.

If you want to list all your applications, just click “Search” otherwise, you can filter by typing in a keyword.  Search is performed against the “Program” data.

You can download: FindInstallationSource

.NET 2.0 is required.  This is tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Public Pastebin now Available


Earlier today I launched via Google+ stream and now I am publicly announcing it’s availability to subscribers of this blog.

The pastebin is an opensource project found at  The project is actively maintained and has code updates almost weekly.  Great project so far!

Visit for all your quick code needs. =) Pastebin

Allscripts Project

Last week I worked on one of my projects for Allscripts Vision accounting to add a few enhancements.

The major enhancement was the ability to export a detailed report for all users to Excel and create a Pivot table with chart of users’ logins over the report’s timeline.

You can read more on my project page for this project.

Allscripts ProEHR 9.10.3 database table and column extended properties text:  ProEHR 9.10.3 – Table and Column Extended Properties

Wanted: Your Spam Email

Interested in having your email filtered for spam/viruses at no charge?

Contact me and I’ll get your domain(s) set up.  You will only need to change your MX preference and add my mail server as a higher preference than your existing MX entry/entries.

All mail will be filter that is destined for your domain and then all clean email will be forwarded on to your mail server.  All spam/virus mail will remain on my mail server for you to review.  You will have web access to control whitelist/blacklist entries, as well as controlling spam score thresholds and other functions such as releasing quarantined mail and reviewing all mail seen by my mail server.

I need some real world domains to test.  You will be responsible for providing me allowed recipients for your domain though.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me ( and we’ll discuss the details further.  I will do this at no charge during the testing phase.  Once testing has completed, I will provide an archive of your quarantined mail (if you’d like) before it is completely removed from the server.  At that point, I will ask that you remove the MX record pointing to my mail server within 30 days.

Testing can go on for 6 months, 2 years, or even as little as 24 hours.  You can opt-out at any time and within 24 hours you will have access to your email quarantine from mail stored on my server during testing phase.