Converter for digital units

Input the value in a field corresponding to the unit you want converted, and the application will automatically populate the other fields with the converted value in respective units.

A decent web-browser with JavaScript support is required.

bits b
kilobits kb
megabits mb
gigabits gb
Bytes B
kiloBytes kB
MegaBytes MB
GigaBytes GB
TeraBytes TB
PetaBytes PB
Not valid number!


This is a simple application writen using AngularJS. This application works completely within the browser, and does not send any data to the server. Hence the conversions are instantaneous.

Inspired by Bit Calculator, but that requires that the user press a button, and the data is sent to the server, which performs the calulation and sends the results back.

The code of this aplication is hosted on Github: Bit Converter