Had an issue with dialout on an AIX system this morning.  Problem resolved, but I learned a pretty handy little command for testing dial-out (I didn’t have a buttset with me).

Using cu -n -d -l tty2, I can dial-out to my cellphone to help in troubleshooting the problem.

# cu -n -d -l tty2
Please enter the number: xxxxxxxxxx
altconn called
Device Type ACU wanted
ttylock tty2 succeeded
Attempting to open /dev/tty2
clear O_NDELAY
filelock: ok
fixline(7, 19200)
gdial(fcmulhays) called
expect: ("")
got it
sendthem (DELAY
expect: (OK)
AT^M^M^JOKgot it
sendthem (PAUSE
nap(25) ATE1QV1M1Y1&R&D&E7#PDTxxxxxxxxxx^M)
expect: (CONNECT)
^M^JATE1QV1M1Y1&R&D&E7#PDTxxxxxxxxxx^M^Z[1] + Stopped (SIGTSTP)

Here we see it dial the number, my cellphone (indicated with X’s — creepers!).

This failed so I ^C the process. I reworked some of the terminations on the block from demarc and tried again. The next time was successful and I had received the dial-out call from AIX.