FastClaims for Tiger in AIX

So I’ve discovered that FastClaims in Allscripts Tiger AIX servers are stored in the following location.

When a receipts are batched, they are stored in /m2/MF01/CLAIM499

When clicking on “Batch” -> Fast Claims, it then copies /m2/MF01/CLAIM499 to /src/APPS/ECONNECT/ARCHIVE/TS/CLAIM499_1.3101165443_20120131165507385. You will notice this filename is comprised of CLAIM499_[companynumber].ddmmhhmmss.yyyymmddhhmmssnnnn in gzip format.

The original /m2/MF01/CLAIM499 is renamed to /m2/MF01/oldCLAIM499.

The header of the file AA00000000 indicates start of each claim for company and the end is represented by ZA00000000 in the same file. Replace zeros with account number padded.

Note: When modifying claim file, use R in vi to replace instead of i to insert. It will void the length of the columns and cause all sorts of problems.

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