Initialization of Client failed: Closing Application

After installing Rand McNally IntelliRoute software, users may experience the error “Initialization of Client failed: Closing Application”

This problem is usually attributed to inadequate permissions for the user running the application. Please ensure that the folder that Rand McNally software was installed (generally C:\Program Files (x86)\Rand McNally) has Full Control access granted to users. Also, the Registry Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rand McNally on the workstation needs to grant “Full Control” to users who execute the program at the desktop level.

32bit Installation Error

The above issue had to do with 64bit installation of IntelliRoute. Below is the issue I experienced with the 32bit installation of IntelliRoute.

I installed the application as an administrator and changed permissions on the Registry Key as well as the Program Files directory as noted above. However, I still received the error.

Using procmon, I tried to get some clues as to why it was crashing. I saw a hint that it looked for a file in C:\Users\%username%\WINDOWS\

Upon further investigation, this file did not exist for my test user, however it did exist in for the administrative user that I installed the application under.

To test it out, I copied the file to my test user WINDOWS folder and attempted to launch IntelliRoute and it was a success.

To copy the file to all the users on the server, I used the following command:

cd c:\users\ for /d %u in ("*") do copy c:\users\testuser\WINDOWS\ c:\users\%u\WINDOWS\

This seemed to resolve the issue. I’m not certain if the problems with installation are due to it being installed on a Server 2008 terminal server. That system is slated for migration to Server 2019 in December, so hopefully the IntelliRoute software will not give me problems then!

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